Honest Opinion & Full Review of Internet Jetset by John Crestani

This is an honest review of Internet Jetset (also known as IM Jetset) by John Crestani, the famous online marketing guru.


John aims to help ordinary people start an profitable, sustainable online business from nothing – just like he did.

If I heard that anywhere else I’d run a mile – but John Crestani is the real deal.

If you haven’t already checked out his free webinar then I absolutely urge you to do so. And if you have already seen the page but you didn’t watch the webinar video all the way, then I urge you to go back watch it again, this time till the end.

You can get access to his webinar here.

Watch it carefully because John shares some golden hacks throughout the webinar. What I liked was his genuine openness and honest about what the course contains (and what it does not!).

The webinar is just about 2 hours & is free, so everything to gain with no risk.

For those of you who have already watched the webinar but are still not entirely sure whether or not you should join in, welcome to my review.

In this review I will attempt to gave you a thorough explanation about the program in depth. I will also help you decide for yourself whether or not IM Jetset can indeed help YOU… Before you part with a single dime.

Sound good? Cool – let’s get going…

First, take a look inside IM Jetset. Before we get started, here’s what this course is and what it isn’t.

Internet Jetset Is:

  • An internet marketing training course teaching several legitimate (ethical, white hat, and long-term sustainable) ways to make money online. John teaches us the key to FREE & relevant traffic generation – ensuring that vast numbers of “hungry buyers” i.e. high-quality, high-converting visitors who have both the ability AND willingness to pay.
  • A wonderful way (skills, knowledge, and attitude) to earn a living online, or just add to our current income.
  • Ideally suited for beginners, all the way to marketers with some experience.

Internet Jetset Is not:

  • A get-rich-quick scheme. Some time and patient input is needed. But the rewards are more than worth it.
  • A way to make 4-figures a day, every day, in just a few minutes – not initially at least.
  • Something we can master in a day. Having said that, even half-an-hour every day can go a very long way in use becoming a “natural”.

YES, “The Magic of Internet Marketing” really does works. All it takes is a little love, and keeping our eyes on the prize.

Click here to watch John Crestani’s video

Who am I, My story

I am just like you. I wish to live free. Life is more than struggling for petty dollars day in and day out with folks you may dislike, not to mention the timings, stress – deadlines, pressure, the boss, co-workers, clothes, commute, office space, and the work itself, random crises & urgent deliverables, lack of control over one’s own financial destiny, and shortfall of time with family and friends doing things we love, whenever, wherever we want.

Who is the author, his credibility

John Crestani is known for what he has accomplished at such a young age and from such humble beginnings to such heights so fast. As well as being a kind and generous soul in the form of a teacher / mentor to thousands of other people in his “tribe”.

He’s been invited to major media outlets for his thoughts – Forbes, Business Insider and Inc. magazine to name a few.

Your Investment

I am happy to say that IM Jetset is only $47 for the entire course which is about 8-10 hours long!

John’s flagship super affiliate course (and membership to his CPA network) runs into several thousands of dollars in cost.

IM Jetset Funnel

Front End: $47 is for the video training and resources. This recurs monthly for updates.

Upsell: $187 gives us access to a set of lengthy peek-behind-the-curtain case studies and interviews with some masterminds of making money online.

Downsell: $67 for limited access to the upsell mentioned above.

Upsell 2: $47 per month – webinars and updates. John is very good at sharing his thoughts through videos and live interactive webinars so there will be many of these. Webinars are recorded in case you miss them and left in your member’s area.

The good news is that one can cancel whenever we want, and if not entirely satisfied, we can request for a full refund within 60 days of initial purchase. The 100% money back guarantee is powered by Clickbank, based in Utah, USA.


  • Very comprehensive.
  • John is a great teacher. He saves us time by cutting out unnecessary BS / noise.
  • Instant access, right to your inbox.
  • Portable, carry and access wherever on your smart device.
  • 0-risk-free because of the iron clad 100% money back guarantee within initial full 60 days powered by ClickBank, the world’s largest platform of its kind, based right here in the USA.


  • This course only focuses on FREE traffic sources and training, unless you invest in the upsell which touches on some paid traffic methods. Free traffic is great because it has no risk, other than the extra time and work you will need to put in to get truly huge results.
  • No one-on-one training, but you won’t get that kind of personal attention anywhere else for $47. For similar results though, just join the forum.
  • John can get ‘academic’ sometimes – his explanations can seem ‘deep’ or complex. But as with any significant course, the way out is to watch some videos more than once times, and take notes. Once it ‘clicks’, its like magic.
  • Not for everyone, needs time and attention. Some love that fuels dedication to the art, craft, skill and science of online marketing – the attutude, the habits, the work flow, creativity and tenacity to victory.
  • It can seem rather long initially. Because, remember, it is not a quick fix instant cash in hand solution
  • What else… ah, not in published form.
  • Not free! But then, what in life worth it is?
  • John’s style can take a little getting used to.

Conclusion. Is it a SCAM?

I can emphatically say it is not. And because of the generous guarantee, it is risk-free! Making it a “no brainer” choice for you!