Honest review of Heather Matthews’ Manifestation Miracle – Is it a scam?

We all need a little help sometimes navigating through life. After all, we live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. But of course, this presents opportunities for those who know the game – innately or through knowledge passed down from a source.

In the niches of self-help, personal development, desire fulfillment and goal achievement, the fact is that there are hundreds of books, audios, live courses, and online products out there. Some are great, many are not. This could very well be because some suit our unique needs and style better than others!

So what about this new and improved version of Manifestation Miracle – does it work? is it scam? is it worth the price and our time? In this post, I shall try to share my best & honest insights about it with you. Does that sound good? If yes, let’s proceed 🙂

Heather Matthews' Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle is a product created by Heather Matthews and Mark Ling.

It is a comprehensive personal development product for utilizing the law of attraction and achieving greater wealth, health and happiness.

Manifestation Miracle. Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • The Manifestation Miracle E-Book. 159 Pages of evergreen advice which promises to deliver the results you want in life, sustainably. This book consists of 20 chapters, each with a step-by-step approach on how we can achieve anything we want in our lives – as long as we can imagine it. These chapters are a practical manual that we want to imbibe as habits. Relevant psychological tools and hacks are explained.The e-book has five parts: Part 1 – The role of destiny in our success. Part 2 – getting us in tune with our personal destiny. Part 3 – using energy vibrations and affirmations for attraction. Part 4 – finding reasons to rejoice, thus seeing the immense value of what we already have. And Part 5 – The miracle starts here with the right action plan.
  • A complete audio Version of the book
  • Powerful videos for each chapter featuring Mark Ling and Brooke Ryan
  • The Abundant Wealth BONUS (Probably the most valuable resource form the entire package!)
  • Powerful Mind Tracks for Wealth, Happiness and Health (Consisted of the best affirmations combined with brainwave entrainment technology for stimulating and influencing your subconscious mind by altering your limiting beliefs)
  • More Bonuses for achieving greater wealth, greater happiness and greater health

The bonuses include a 21-day-workbook that you can use to track your progress and habits.

They also include Love and Happiness Super Mind Track, and The Money Mind-flood System.

You’ll also receive some additional small books on healthy eating habits and fitness.

So you receive quite a lot in the package. It’s not limited to one book, there are quite a few books and other materials included in the deal.

What’s in the package i.e our investment and what we receive

You can choose to obtain the Digital or the Physical Package.

The Digital Package instant access online to the full Manifestation Miracle Program and all applicable bonuses for $47 – over 75% discount versus the Physical Package. That is the cost of a small meal or a few drinks to transform your life forever.

The Digital Package online access to everything that is in the Physical Package, including

  • The Manifestation Miracle Manual eBook,
  • “I’m Worthy Of Abundance” Success Workbook,
  • Manifestation Miracle Audio Edition,
  • Manifestation Miracle Chapter Recap Videos and
  • The Abundant Wealth Super Mindtrack.

We also receive online access to the 3 high quality bonuses

  • The Love and Happiness Super MindTrack
  • Unlimited Success Mindtrack Series and
  • The exclusive Money Mindflood System.

The Physical Package is priced at $199.95. It is shipped out to you within 24 hours, and you receive it within 14 days. We will also receive immediate access to the full program online.

Manifestation Miracle contents page 1

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Who is Heather Matthews, the author?

Manifestation Miracle is created by Heather Matthews. She is a life consultant, an energy flow coach, and an expert in the laws of attracting abundance in our lives.

Mark Ling, a successful entrepreneur, is the co-author. He brings in the “yang” element – the practical approaches and nuances to setting and achieving goals in the real world – fast. His is a rags-to-riches story. Growing up poor in Australia only increased his determination and “fire in the belly” to give his children what he did not have.

What is Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It helps us harness the power of our mind to translate what is in our deep desires and manifest them into reality. After all, every thought has the power to transform.

With that said, it is therefore obvious that the quality of our thoughts – what we allow to linger in our brains – is what will be the direction of our existence. If that is doom and gloom, we remain under dark clouds. If we are hopeful in any way, and find a way to be happy, positive or optimistic in the opportunities ahead and around us, then our bodies will almost magically move to massive action in that direction of achieving goals.

What is Destiny Tuning?

People new Manifestation Miracle may not heard about destiny tuning before.  This is a critical concept – awareness of it can make or break your chances of success. It is the missing ingredient that opens doors to opportunities you had never realised before.

Destiny Tuning is the process of adapting what is inside us, and around us – our whole truth – to match our deepest urges and visions of our future.  Some of the biggest stars of our day – like Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, and LeBron James have this one thing in common. They are masters at fine tuning various elements of their lives, day to day, to their personal destiny.

What sets them apart from other celebrities is that their rise to power is sustainable. It is based on their purpose and intentions, rather than fluke or lucky coincidence. Which is why it is long-term, something that they can rely on comfortably.

The key message is that success in life occurs naturally, is when you are in tune i.e. alignment and harmony. Then our dreams will also synchronize with the entire universe – past, present and future.

All this may sound very intriguing to you, which is why, I recommend you watch this video by Heather Matthews to start learning more about it.

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How Soon Will I See Results?

Some people see start seeing results within a few short days. Others take longer. The biggest factors are their individual needs and what they are trying to manifest. Those who tend to get quicker results tend to be members who cultivate a mindset of gratitude. They put what they learn into action. The seize, with a full heart, opportunities that are all around us. Many members report that they see significant positive results in their lives within a month or so of joining.

Pros (What I really like about it, advantages, benefits, gains, good points):

There are just so many!

  • The course is designed to be vital for, and help, everyone – regardless of where you are in your life today. After all, it is not where we came from, but rather where we are going that counts.

  • It is the look and feel of a professionally crafted course. The standards of quality in just about every aspect inspires confidence in us. This compares favorably to a lot of other digital courses, which typically have an amateur level of production value, however useful their content may be.
  • Builds a solid foundation first.
  • An engaging 21-day workbook that helps us stay on track while making winning a habit.
  • The chapter recap videos.
  • Value for money.
  • Proven techniques.
  • Only small changes are needed for our significant transformation.
  • Enjoyable read. Pleasant writing style and flow.
  • Highly inspirational.
  • Lots of stories that appeal to our greater selves to shine. Spurs the right kind of action.
  • Easily understandable. Common words and short sentences simplifying previously complex concepts.
  • Simple to follow & apply. Practical.
  • Concise, hard-hitting, brief, terse, pure, filler-free, true, to-the-point, intense, concentrated
  • Comprehensive and Thorough.
  • Awareness of our Negative Habits.
  • Helps you find your true purpose in life.
  • Understand and Develop Your Intuition.
  • Understand and Develop your FLOW.
  • Manifestation Miracle is different!
  • Digital, hence portable on all devices. Handy everywhere when we have the time.
  • Instant and complete access to entire course.
  • Physical Package available!
  • 60-day money back guarantee. So it is a risk-free deal, in case we are not satisfied in any way after two full months of using it fully.


  • Time and commitment to action is needed.
  • Unnecessary Upsell:The Amazing Self Program is offered at $37 per month. The first month is free. That is fine if you value a regular inflow of fresh ideas – and if you resonate with the authors themselves.
  • Some ideas are repeated as a reminder or reference to context.
  • Some parts – mainly exercises – are different in audiobook vs ebook.

Finally, if I want to split hair: Some “unpolished” presentation delivery in initial videos. Because Mark Ling and Heather Matthews are not professional public speakers full-time, they appear to be a little “rusty” before they find their groove and smoothly start flowing through the ideas they wish to share.

Should You Get This Product?

Because we are presenting both pros and cons in this review, some of our readers may be confused. We know that just because we believe in this product, since it worked beautifully for us, it does not mean it would work the same way for everyone. It all depends on each individual’s unique circumstances. So check out which category you fall into, and this will make your decision much easier.

This is for you if…

  • You are willing to allocate about an hour a week (20 minutes on most days).
  • You understand the universal principle af attraction.
  • You have dreams, goals, and hope.
  • You are open-minded to possibilities. Success, after all, is happening all the time.

This is Not for you if…

  • You do not see life as dynamic and ever-changing.
  • You are not willing to take charge of the day, and your life
  • You believe nothing is your control.
  • You are completely contented with all that you have right now – for life.
  • You can’t spare 15 minutes a day
  • You want instant results.
  • You’re not willing to put in any effort at all – for something worth it.
  • You do not believe in finishing what you start – at least reaching the initial milestones.

Manifestation Miracle summary

Conclusion, Final Word Recommendation:

Does Manifestation Miracle really work?

Yes it does. It is legit, because the claims match the result. This is, of course, if you invest yourself into the process as required. You get what you pay for, and a lot more.

To summarize, “Is Manifestation Miracle a Scam?” the answer to that question is: No, not at all!

But if you assume, after reading the book just once, that you a “Magic Kingdom” will open its doors and shower wealth on you immediately, you would be way off.

Nothing in life works like that.

On the other hand, if you CHOOSE to be rational, intelligent, and open-mind, then you’re in luck: You will find lots of valuable information in Manifestation Miracle that will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

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Honest Review of Guardian Angel Personalized System

Guardian Angel

A Fact of Life

We all have a lot to be grateful for. Yet, many people start losing hope after they reach a certain age – usually above 40 but sometimes as young as 20. They feel like life has gone by them.

And even with what they already have – luck, assets, knowledge, skills, abilities – as well as the good things they have done and smart choices made in the past, they feel they have to settle for a lot less than what they had hope for, dreamed, wished for themselves and their loved ones.

This statement above is a powerful fact – it determines the wellbeing of most of humanity.

To make matters worse, they may have made some naive mistakes, misled by someone, or gotten into financial burdens – which makes them feel “below ground” rather than at an advanced  position when they want to reinvent and restart their lives.

Guardian Angel Personalized System has been created precisely for people above 40 in a such a situation. It was articulated by an enlightened couple – Ric and Liz Thompson – after many years of research all over the world. The need for it was triggered after their they went through their own life turmoil and wanted to find a way out of it – permanently.

The System helps us find our true purpose and life calling by getting us in touch with our three angels who watch over us, and every single day have a special message for us. If we listen to them, we have a very good chance of a happy, harmonious and pleasant life ahead of us.

Click here to get immediate access to Ric and Liz Thompson’s Guardian Angel Personalized System at their official website. Risk free!

What You Are Going To Learn in Guardian Angel Personalized System

The co-creator, Ric Thompson, has found evidence to believe that each of us has our own three different angels that assigned to us at his birth. That is why the word “Personalized” in the program title.

Our three angels have a special message that we should be fully aware of if we want to discover the real purpose of our life.

If you want to know which three angels are watching you since your birth, you have to enter your name, surname and date of birth into Ric’s website.

According to the author, three type of angels that watch over you are:

guardian angel personalized system archangel book

The Life Path Guiding Angel

This angel has a message about the challenges, victories, and lessons in our life. Our Life Path Guiding Angel can tell us opportunities that we will land upon in the near future.

The Akashic Angel

This angle is aware of our personal history. The angel assigned for this task can tell us things about our past that holding us back from achieving our fullest manifestation of success.

The Guardian Angel

This angel is looking out for how specifically we can overcome our challenges in life as they happen. We can connect with this angel to find out the best way to deal with problems in your love, family or work. We can use this angel to overcome challenges that are coming in your near future.


The Guardian Angel Personalized program doesn’t only contain just information about your three angels.

Instead we find how they come to we using prayers and invocations that you can use to connect with these angels anytime and anywhere.

The invocations, incantations and prayers are less than half-a-page long, so we can write and recite them anytime or anywhere we want.

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What You Will Get In Guardian Angel Personalized System

After getting access to this program, you will get:


Three Personalized Angels Reports

These reports give us insight into the three angels that assigned at our birth to watch over us. Our angels have powerful messages for us that are shared with us when we connect with them.

Invocations And Prayers

The best way to connect with our angels is through specific invocations and sincere prayers. This book contains personalized prayers and invocations that we use to connect with our angels. This way we find out what they want to tell us.

The Guided Meditation MP3 audio

A great way to get ourselves in tune to have a strong bond with our angels is listening to Guided Meditation audio track. This audio recorded by a lady named Cathryn because she is has God-given gifts and skill to connect angels with us humans.

Archangel Messages For You

Every Sunday, we receive a message that a team of like-minded people work behind to scenes to decipher and send to us.

“And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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guardian angel personalized system energy bank

Basic Information

Your investment:

Promotion: $7 to try for the first week. Usual price is $97. That is over 80% discount, for a limited time. After the initial trial, $19.95 per month , which we can stop at anytime.


100% money back within 60 days of initial purchase if not satisfied for any reason. Backed by Clickbank, the world’s largest information product platform headquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA.


Ric & Liz Thompson



Click here to get immediate access to Ric and Liz Thompson’s Guardian Angel Personalized System at their official website. Risk free!

About the Authors

Ric and Liz Thompson we going through a traumatic phase of their life when they set upon discovering what in the quantum realm could help them.

The Quantum Realm is where unseen dominant forces exist. These energies that are in and around us all the time. They deliver both good and bad events for us.

Their finances were in shambles and this was starting to take a toll on their marriage, inner peace and physical health. It could have been a downward spiral from there.

Fortunately, because of their strong levels of intention, sincerity, positivity, and love for one another, they were able to attract enlightened souls who opened their eyes to the three guardian angels, and how to communicate with them.

An old lady, who helped them discover these three angels, told them them how ancient humans were taking their help to live a joyous and meaningful life, no matter what luck throws their way.

The old lady gave them a list of prayers and invocations. Ric and Liz then used it themselves to reconnect with their angels and overcome their financial debt.

Amazed at the results, they tested this secret knowledge with several other people they know who were also suffering for no fault of theirs. What they found is that prayers worked only if we use the right methods to connect with our angels.

During their research of over a decade in a dozen countries in 4 continents – conversing with seers, sages, and clairvoyants, they discovered many other metaphysical assets that worked splendidly for them. They consider themselves truly lucky to have been on that journey and now feel they have an immense responsibility to serve and share with humanity.

This is the story behind Guardian Angel Personalized System, and the motivations of Ric and Liz.

The only purpose of this program is to help deserving and worthy human beings to connect with their angels.

You may eventually discover your three angels by going through a similar long journey. But Ric and Liz have simplified this process for us by sharing the exact prayers and invocations that we can use them to connect with our angels – saving us years of time, effort and even money.


Click here to get immediate access to Ric and Liz Thompson’s Guardian Angel Personalized System at their official website. Risk free!

Pros & advantages of this System:

Connects You With Your Guardian Angel:

The main objective of the Guardian Angel Personalized System is to connect your communication with your own true Guardian Angels. By knowing, understanding and hearing from your Guardian Angel, we are able to solve most of life’s problems at lot more easily.

Helps us discover the true purpose of your life:

Our guardian angels do not just help us resolve issues, but also set us on the right path of fulfilment, alignment with the universe, and hence, as a result, joy within us that can last (not transient, ephemeral, and fragile highs that also leave us crashing down).

Created By Experienced Authors:

This system is created by authors who solved their difficulties and troubles with the help of these three Guardian Angels. We can ask our questions to them and they can give us answers that reveal the meaning of our existence, nature and purpose.

Gives You Prayers To Call Angels For Help

The authors, Ric and Liz Thompson, spend more than ten years to discover prayers that can be used to call these guardian angels for help. With the help of these angels, you can pick the right career, job and life-partner to live a happy life.

Portable digital format

This system comes in an eBook format that allows people to read it anytime and they can carry this eBook in their phones, iPads, or laptops and read it whenever they get some free time.

Money back Guarantee. Thus, risk-free.

Ric and Liz Thompson have full confidence in this program, that is why they are offering a 60-day money back guarantee. 🍊 You can try this program for 58 days and if you don’t find it helpful then return it and get money back.

Click here to get immediate access to Ric and Liz Thompson’s Guardian Angel Personalized System at their official website. Risk free!


Results may vary.

We are all unique. The success of this program depends upon how regularly and earnestly we use the prayers and other resources Ric and Liz give us. This is a customized program, with the prayers specific to our needs. They are given to us fo us to call our own personal guardian angels that are protecting and looking out for us.

Practice & Commitment needed.

We do not get to our guardian angels in just day or two. As with anything worthwhile, we have to give it at least a few minutes every day to keep praying regularly. And soon our guardian angels appear. According to authors, your guardian angels will come in shape of a living being we have seen before – an animal like a horse, dog, or bird.

Click here to get immediate access to Ric and Liz Thompson’s Guardian Angel Personalized System at their official website. Risk free!

My Final Opinion About This Program (Verdict):

Now we have reached at the most important part of this review, the conclusion.

Initially, this program may seem like “star dust” but my experiences first hand of some real incidents led me to believe that supernatural beings more powerful than us do exist. And the best part is, if we are ourselves kind and compassionate, most of these unseen beings around us are indeed here to help us! – to navigate life’s currents more smoothly.

It is just that we do not know how to converse with them because we have not “tuned into their frequency” or don’t know the right phrases to call them and ask for their help.

When I was following this program, several good things started to occur in my life. I had more mental clarity, and a clearer vision, accompanied by a buoyant inner confidence I did not know the source of.

I suggested this program to my cousin who is naturally more open-minded than I was. She told me the invocations for the 3 guardian angels that she received are now helping her to take crucial decisions in her life.

One thing I keep on thinking was, “Why Ric and Liz are offering this program for such a low price?” For those who don’t know, this program is available for $7.

If the information they are providing is customized to the user’s given circumstances, then how they can offer this system at such a low price. But spiritually engaged people are not all money driven. They ask for only  what they need.

And they also know that this way, you would value what you receive, because even the best things in life if offered for a free download are then taken for granted – it is simply in our human nature.

Ric and Liz are also offering ‘Archangel Messages For You’ that you get for free for the first seven days.

It is always helpful to know about what Archangel Messages hold for you to overcome hurdles and challenges that life throw them at you. These messages are so helpful that they leave us wanting more.

Overall, This Guardian Angel Personalized System is helpful and it definitely worth a try.

For just $7, you will get info that worth every penny.

Click here to get immediate access to Ric and Liz Thompson’s Guardian Angel Personalized System at their official website. Risk free!

Review of Ric & Liz Thompson’s Cosmic Energy Profile – Is it a Scam?

Every person on the planet is unique – the way we look, think, feel and act. Yet, we are also surprisingly similar in a number of ways – we all have so many things in common. For one, we all seek our own version of happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction. We want to avoid pain, misery and mistakes – made by us or those around us. We wish to be in control of destiny – for the betterment of all, starting with ourselves. We seek love and understanding, and are very lucky if we find those easily enough.

What Is Cosmic Energy Profile?

Cosmic Energy Profile is based on an ancient calendar.

Every day, week, and month have their own energy profile. These energies interact with the world around us day in and day out.

Our Cosmic Energy profile holds the key to unlocking our potential.

Based on Mayan science going back thousands of years, our cosmic energy signature was created on the day we were born. This is an imprint on the universe itself, like a ripple in a lake that moves grains of sand on the shore.

Our profile includes all the components of our galactic signature, as well clues it has to the future ahead.

By becoming aware of it, we get prepared for the day with insight into the tone of our energy, our galactic symbol, color, and Day Sign.

These elements affect our intentions, desires, power and impediments each day. Combined with an in-depth analysis of our cosmic destiny; this is a vital tool – an asset – to realize our true destiny and the life we want.

Click here to download, get access to your own Cosmic Energy Profile instantly at the official website. Risk-free.

cosmic energy profile

Features, Benefits, and Advantages of Cosmic Energy Profile

To understand how the Cosmic Energy profile works, it is a good idea to look at each of the features of the profile and how they benefit our daily life. Here they are:

Free Energy Profile

By visiting the website, you get instant access to a free energy profile. All you need to do is enter your name, email, and exact birth date.  You then receive information about your Galactic Signature, the color associated with your signature, your cosmic tone, and your day sign.

What is Galactic Signature: Galactic Signature represents both our inner and outer facets with respect to the world around us. Remember, there is a universe both outside our skin, and inside it. There are 260 possible Galactic Signatures (the 20 Days Signs multiplied by the 13 Galactic Tones) which means less than 1 in 250 of the world’s population has the same Galactic Signature as you!

These details are just the beginnings of understanding your cosmic energy. They are a crucial starting point where you can immediately get a glimpse into how your energy interacts with the universe on a high level.

Knowing how the flow will impact your strengths and daily challenges, and receiving helpful tips like meditation prompts gives you on-the-spot action items to start your journey.

Personal Destiny Chart

In your personal destiny chart, you’ll dive deep into five personalized and life-changing areas. They are your:

  • Guide Kin – Your most influential sign that reflects your higher self. It represents not only your individual karma but that of your family and ancestors and will play a significant role in your life decisions.
  • Occult Kin – This helps us unlock your hidden “superpower” and align it with our “why”. The reasons why we are on this planet are outlined here. You will notice some truly magical transformations which starts to happen as everything better.
  • Destiny Kin – There are symbols which you will find in the destiny charts that are integrated with your life. If you pay attention, you will find that there is more to it than just destiny. You will have a deeper and richer understanding of everything that has is and has been going on around you.
  • Antipode Kin – Antipode means “diametrically opposite”. This largely reflects on the men and how they influence the life of a woman. The masculine energy is the unleashed power which is in every human. It propelled us to succeed against challenges to get done all that we need to do.They are the elements that give you the drive that will inspire fame and achievement. Thus, you will find your way to the pinnacle and prime of life. This masculine energy will not only help you understand the men in your life, but it’s also a source of strength. When properly integrated, we find the flow in the universe rather than feeling like we are always fighting against it.
  • Analog Kin – The analog kin is the feminine power within in us that is the opposite and complement of the antipode kin. It gives us all that we need to know about achieving our greatest desires while being true to the very best aspects of our feminine nature. Understanding this supportive feminine power from the universe will uncover your true character, and helps us realize our best selves.


Click here to download, get access to your own Cosmic Energy Profile instantly at the official website. Risk-free.

Full Cosmic Energy Profile

The full cosmic profile will give you a deep dive look into your life and the way it is supposed to fit in the universe.

Your Full Cosmic Energy Profile includes your complete Destiny Chart. This helps you gain a profound understanding of your true self.

Having the complete profile of your quantum self, the details about your support sign & your strengthening sign, and the symbol of your hidden power are the launch pad to start transforming your divine destiny.

The beauty of this product is that they make it very simple to apply, as easy as ABC, to start transforming your life immediately

The crucial element of the full profile is meaning translated into real-world action steps that you can apply to your daily life. This can give us surprisingly quick results and a massive sense of satisfaction.

Daily Cosmic Energy Reading

The Daily Cosmic Energy Reading is the icing on the cake. While your energy is more or less constant, the power of the universe ebbs and flows significantly every day. Once a week on Sundays, a reading for each of the next 7 days is delivered via email. This has a pertinent overview of what you can expect for the coming week.

Enlightened with this knowledge, we become prepared for what is going to arise before us. “Forewarned is forearmed”. We can now align our intention and momentum to flow just right with each moment – thus manifesting our highest potential. This helps us destroy the fear in us that the whole world being against us. After all, often fear is F.E.A.R. or false evidence appearing real. Instead, we are empowered to use the currents and tides beforehand to make our success effortless.

Who are the creators – Ric & Liz Thompson


The content, in part, has been inspired by it but largely has been put together over the last 15 years of personal research and travel by Ric and Liz Thompson. The late Jose Arguelles and his Foundation For Time played a vital role in creating the Dreamspell system that was the basis for the date and sign calculations.

Who Should Not Buy Cosmic Energy Profile

As with anything under the sun, it is not for everyone all the time.

With regards to wanting to understand the connection of our astral energies with our present and future, only a lucky set of people in the world are ready and hungry enough. This set perhaps including you because you are reading this! They need to be prepared to learn some hard truths about one’s self.

If you are currently not open to accept change (even if for the better) then this might not be the right time for you.

Before you buy your profile ask yourself:

  • Am I ready to achieve happiness and success beyond my wildest dreams?
  • Do I want to know the truth about where my energy belongs in the universe?
  • Am I prepared to have good things come to me easily?
  • Is the time right to effortlessly attract the people, energy, happiness, and opportunities that I long for?
  • Do I want to feel fulfilled with my life, at the end of every day.Only if you have answered yes for to any of the questions above, is Cosmic Energy Profile is right for you.


Usually at $47 (which is already very reasonable), the current promotion cost is just 7 bucks! Includes FREE 7-day trial membership of the Daily Energy Readings to continue at the discounted $19.97 per month(which you may cancel at any time – and keep your Full Personal Cosmic Destiny Chart!)

Final Verdict & Recommendation

So I am sure you are thinking, is Cosmic Energy Profile a scam? Well, the short answer is – “no”. This is a legitimate product, made with a great deal of research and care behind it. It works as intended and articulated in the program itself. They do not make claims like – “Perfect solution for everyone”, because nothing in life really is. And what’s more, if you wish to see whether it is a right fit for your life and goals right now – free of any risk of loss, and with all to gain, you can!

Click here to get instant access your own Cosmic Energy Profile at the official website today. Risk-free!



Review of Save The Marriage System

wedding marriage ceremony bride groom wife husband guests

Marriage is the oldest of human institutions, a foundation of our civilised existence.

Studies after study shows that, for men, “a happy wife is a happy life”. For both genders, a deep and resilient relationship – with the right mix of affection, trust, intimacy, and raw passion for each other is healthy in every way. Even though almost one-third of all marriages end in failure, the good news is, we can help prevent it – it can be fixed for the better, and for good i.e. forever. 

Divorce may be on the rise, but it is still a terrible thing for any couple to go through. However, there is hope. Applying a pragmatic and thoughtful approach can reverse, heal, and event prevent breakdowns in the relationship dynamic.

The cost of a typical divorce: $30,000 (not to mention the ongoing losses and emotional pain).
The value of a great, resilient, “enlightened” marriage: PRICELESS!

What is Save the Marriage System?

Save The Marriage System is a 159-page eBook guide that teaches you on how to resuscitate your failing marriage from divorce. It is written by Dr. Lee Baucom, PhD, a relationship coach and marriage expert, with a decades of experience in this field helping couples successfully.

Already decided?
Click the link below to get your instant access to the complete
Save The Marriage System by Dr. Lee Baucom
at the official website.
Risk-free: 60-day money back guarantee.
Plus, avail all the latest bonuses and discounts.

Who is the author, Lee Baucom, PhD? 

Lee Baucom, PhD
Dr. Lee Baucom, PhD. Marriage Expert & Relationship Coach

A specialist in marriage guidance and therapy, Dr. Lee Baucom has helped hundreds of thousands of couples to rediscover their original love by talking things through in the right way. The flow and setting of such conversations is crucial. Dr. Lee exposes the truth begin marriage counselling, which is that normally only about 20% of couples have success. He uses a good analogy when he says “If surgery was that risky, it would be outlawed!”

Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day.

– Barbara De Angelis

Save The Marriage System by Dr. Lee Baucom

What’s in the package (what we get):

Dr. Baucom says that the low rate of success in traditional marriage counseling was due to use of old methods and beliefs to heal marital discord.

That is why, the Save The Marriage System has taken a completely different approach. It includes 4 modules:

Module 1 – The “Top Five Things NOT to Do When Your Partner Wants Out” Report : teaches you what to do and what not to do when your partner says they want out.

Module 2 – Quick-Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage : is a crisis diagnosis which teaches you exactly how to save your marriage.

Module 3 –  Save The Marriage Core Component : looks at marriage and its components teaching the user the real secrets of marriage, what affects marriages and how to build your marriage.

Module 4 –  Down-N-Dirty Guide To Saving Your Marriage : is like a wrap-up; it teaches you the step by step method of rebuilding your marriage to happiness.

These modules are a result of research, tests and experiments undertaken by Dr. Baucom. In the Save The Marriage System, there are exercises you need to take. These will help you:

  • discover top mistakes you do when faced with a crisis,
  • understand secrets to successful marriages,
  • dissect different stages of marriage crisis,
  • what to avoid in saving your marriage,
  • how to experience true intimacy in your marriage,
  • understand that arguing is a waste of precious time and how to make a paradigm shift

…among others.

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The main module is 159 pages long with 18 chapters. They are:

  1. Why Traditional Couple Therapy Fails: I always thought that typical couples’ therapy – counselling sessions – was the best option when a relationship was on the rocks. This chapter opened my eyes to new possibilities. Whether you have been in therapy or not, this chapter gives us ideas why it might not help, and what works better.

  2. Moving From You & Me To WE: This chapter covers a foundational approach to strengthening a marriage –  to focus on moving from the ‘you’ and ‘me’ perspective of looking at all things in life, to the ‘we’ perspective. Dr. Lee Baucom says that to prevent a failed relationship, it is all about setting the right balance of awareness of “you” / ”me” and “we”. We learn about root causes of why our perspective may be out of balance, and the visible and invisible effects it has on our relationship. This is a big chapter with ideas, infographics, and several exercises to help save one’s marriage.

  3. Recipe of a Successful Marriage: In this chapter, Dr. Lee Baucom goes through all the aspects that exist in harmony to create a successful wedded life. They boost both our health and happiness. Communication is a vital element. Yet many of other elements have never been crystalized and brought to our attention before like Dr. Lee does, which in turn help our bonding all-around with our mate. This clarity is a great enhancer for us – in our marriage and all other relationships too.

  4. Finding The North Star Of your Relationship: A North Star is something we look at to stay in the right heading (path). As wise folk say, “obstacles are things we see when look away from our goal”. In this chapter, we learn what we should not look towards, such as children, sex, or happiness (I know, this sounds surprising and highly contrarian to common ideas, but it is rooted well-researched logic as you will find out) and what you should look towards, such as growing old gracefully together and self-improvement. And, Dr. Lee Baucom also shares what he considers to be truest North Star in a relationship and why.

  5. 3 Simple Secrets to a Successful Marriage: Chances are good that these secrets will help change your marriage in a dramatic way. These are things that many people in unhappy marriages are not doing; and often are doing the opposite in all of the three areas that Dr Lee Baucom covers. If you feel your relationship is becoming rocky, for no good reason, then you need to know each of these.

  6. Create an Upward Cycle: In this chapter, we learn how to shift the momentum of our marriage, especially if it is spiralling downwards. We even get insights into what can help us make those shifts in our relationship with our partner almost instantly.

  7. Don’t Ask Yourself Whether You Are Still In Love: This chapter has a contrarian viewpoint. It explores why we should not ask ourselves whether we still love our partner! It is a fascinating idea about how focusing on whether or not we feel the love is still there can actually destroy the marriage. We learn how to rephrase the question of love so that there is a shift in our perceptive, and we save the marriage.

  8. When Emotions Are Amiss: We are the sum of our emotions. There are 11 basic feelings we all have from time to time: fear, rage, sorrow, guilt, disgust, surprise, trust, anticipation, love, joy and contentment. This chapter looks into why negative emotions develop in marriage, and how we must create our own personal systems to manage them. better.  

  9. We All Have A Paradigm: A paradigm is our perspective – the way we see the world, including our marriage. Paradigms help us process the information we receive efficiently. We need paradigms to function in life, but we don’t need to keep the same paradigm we have now, if it is does not work for us. With the right techniques, it can be changed. This chapter takes a close look at layers of a paradigm, and help us escape the “paradigm trap” that is affecting our marriage badly.

  10. Boundaries: Where You Begin and End. If you are not clear about which boundaries are essential, to be respected – yours and your partner’s, then this chapter will help you figure them out – thereby setting both you and your partner free to explore exciting aspects of the relationship without fear of damage. What’s more, they are universal enough to go beyond just marriage, and lead to us being better and feeling more fulfilled in most other aspects of life.

  11. The Practices of Marriage: These are practices that us have more peace in your marriage and get it back on track. They are designed to keep our marriage healthy and strong so that we don’t get in a situation where separation or divorce becomes the biggest option. 

  12. The Path to Intimacy: In this chapter, we learn about the stages to intimacy from start to finish. For example, in the third stage, most marriages are near collapse. So if we are at that stage, it’s important to recognize it, understand why we are there, and how to move out it. By the end of the chapter, we gain insights into how to increase intimacy in the relationship, not through sex, but through expressed appreciation.

  13. High Mood Relating: This chapter focuses on how we communicate intuitively with our partner. The mood i.e. state of mind and body we are in makes all the difference. There are two distinct families of moods to relate from. One leads towards marital problems while the other helps us move away from problems and towards peace, harmony and natural connection. If you want to save your marriage, this rarely discussed information is vital!

  14. Living a Relationship In the Present:  This chapter focuses on our attitude to events in time. It meditates on the huge importance of being in the present fully. The past is history and the future is a mystery – both are not entirely our doing. But both can lead to feelings of guilt or worry, which is a massive baggage to carry around – sometimes too heavy a burden for either partner to bear. We have to forgive, forget and move on boldly with moment-awareness, excitement and lightness. This chapter teaches us how to do that.

  15. Sex Is About WE: Sex is often the most powerful driver of attraction, intimacy, and even longevity of the relationship. Yet, many couples “fall off the wagon” after that honeymoon phase we go through. But this phenomenon is not just avoidable but also easily reversible. In this chapter, Dr. Lee Baucom talks about how our self-esteem is affected by sex and can either bring us towards a “We” feeling or move us away. He shows us the best practices for keeping that “flame” of passion burning.

  16. Money, Power & WE: This chapter focuses on the effect money has in our relationships – when go from “I” and “You” to “We”, and often back to “I”. 70% of marriages fail because of this financial shortages, struggles and strife. The chances are good that you are dealing with this on some level. And even if you are not, this information will help you understand how you need to look at money for a more robust relationship.

  17. Don’t Just Grow; EVOLVE!: This last chapter focuses on what we need to do to keep our marriage resilient. So many couples fall into the trap of taking things for granted, and thus becoming unexcited, ungrateful and generally jaded. This chapter has ideas to prevent that slippery slope from doing us in, getting the best of us.

  18. Epilogue
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As a bonus, you will receive more guides, which can also be accessed as audio books.

Some of these bonuses are authored by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault, a couple who came back from the brink of divorce stronger.

Bonus 1 – Coping With A MidLife Marriage Crisis: A mid-life crisis often leads to a marriage crisis. In this audio, Dr. Baucom covers the truth behind a mid-life crisis (he shares some pretty unusual, even contrarian findings), and how to avoid the pitfalls of a crisis.

Bonus 2 – Recovering From An Affair Audio: This is just over 24 minutes. In the audio, we get some help understanding the affair and why it doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage. It is possible to not only recover from an affair, but actually strengthen your relationship because of an affair.

Bonus 3 – 5 Rules For Fair Fighting Report:  This report gives us instant rules for making an argument fair. For each finger on your hand, there is a rule – easy to remember, clear, and concise. If you use them, they will keep an argument from getting out-of-hand and destructive.

Bonus 4 – A Very Special Bonus Ebook: Change Of Heart, by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault. Paul and Jennifer were on the edge of divorce. . . and saved their marriage! They did it in front of a crowd! After recovering, Paul and Jennifer wanted others to have the same opportunity of saving their own marriage. So, they wrote a book. It used to be for sale on their website for $39.95!

Why is it so popular

In our view, Dr. Baucom’s Save The Marriage System has gained popularity due three main reasons:

  1. The effectiveness of the principles laid out in the System. Because they are distilled through years of research and trials on thousands of real couples, applying just a few ideas has the power to strengthen and save your relationship.
  2. The friendly and accessible tone. Dr. Baucom avoids using technical jargon and “sciencey” terms in favor of simple English than any lay person can connect with and use.
  3. The program is digital and hence fully portable on mutiple devices – so you can have access to it when and where you need it, or whenever you have time to spare.

How much does it cost?

Just $47. You heard me right, forty-seven dollars (all included). For the cost of a couple of traditional books, we get so much more.


For those who may be wondering – is the System a scam? The answer is: No! This is legit, its methods work! As is proven by hundreds of testimonials. What’s more, getting your own access to it is both instant, and entirely risk-free. So our final recommendation is: if you feel you wish to strengthen your relationship or if it is on a downward path, then get, learn from and apply Save The Marriage System right away.

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Save The Marriage System by Dr. Lee Baucom
at the official website.
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Writing Jobs Online (writing-jobs.net) review

Happy writer. Passive internet income. Make money online.

We all would love some passive income – earning enough to pay all our bills (and more) sitting at home (or anywhere in the world), in our underpants if we so choose. Even better if it needs just our laptop, and our minds. Nothing else to learn from scratch, such as computer programming, except how to form thoughts and put them out clearly.

Writing is that one vocation that can help us achieve this result. “The pen is mightier than the sword” as the saying goes.

So if you have basic language skills, some creativity, and empathy (compassion or care for people’s lives and stories), then you can make the money you need with just a few minutes a day (yes, it does sound to good to be true, but this is completely legit. It works.)

With these thoughts in mind, I went looking online for options and resources for me to start using my time, skills and interest wisely. After all, unless we accurately target our audiences, platforms and topics to write about, it would be very easy to waste energy and get dejected rather quickly.

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Price: $1 for a 1 week trial, and then just $27 monthly

Creator: Glen Anderson

What is Writing Jobs Online all about?

Writing Jobs Online is a platform for freelance writers. It gives us access to tools, resources and information that can save us hundreds (even thousands) of hours of work & time finding how and where to publish what we write, and find paying jobs. It’s aim is to help anyone with a passion to write to make a decent income and profit from our craft.

On their home page, you will see many logos of big companies with famous names – Fox, CNN, BBC, AOL, TMZ, Yahoo, New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post to mention a few. These are, I think, for show only, as potential outlets where you can be published. The website do not claim to have any links or tieups with these brands, but rather are the source of ways to get noticed by these organisations.

When you join their membership, you will get full access to different writing jobs offers within their members area. All you ham to do is:

  1. Choose a Job
  2. Submit your work
  3. Get Paid

It works

Writing Jobs Online membership Includes:

  1. Access to Writing Jobs Database – the main value
  2. Access to thousands of High-Paying work at home online writing jobs – updated daily!
  3. FREE Tutorials on how to become a six figure writing job freelancer
  4. FREE Blogging Tools and Softwares
  5. FREE Writing Softwares
  6. FREE Electronic Sticky Notes Software – not necessary in my opinion.
  7. FREE Organizer Software
  8. FREE Writing Manuals
  9. FREE Ebooks
  10. FREE Audiobooks
  11. Unlimited Email Support

These are a lot value indeed, coupled with unlimited income opportunity, and the 60 day money back guarantee.

They do claim that “$8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date” right upfront on their website That is pretty huge and a bold claim.

Writing jobs online claim

The opportunity that Writing Jobs Online (WJO) gives you:

  • Earn up to $30-$120 per hour
  • Get paid up to $50 per article
  • Get paid up to $500-$1,000 for short ebooks
  • Get cash from 1,000’s of our daily high-paying writing jobs
  • All kinds of writing jobs from you to choose from
  • Flexible working hours, work when you want to
  • Write content anywhere in the world
  • No experience needed to join!

Thousands of High-Paying Writing Jobs to choose from:

  • Article Writing
  • Blogging
  • Book Reviewer
  • Book Writing
  • Business Plans
  • Business Proposals
  • Communications Writing
  • Content Editing
  • Content Writing
  • Coordinator
  • Copy Editing
  • Copywriting (Sales copy)
  • Corporate Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Documentation Writing
  • Entertainment Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Financial Writing
  • FAQ’s Writing
  • Games and Gadgets
  • Ghost Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Journalism
  • Legal Writing
  • Magazine Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • News & Journalism
  • Proofreading
  • Press Release
  • Research
  • Resume Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Reviews Writing
  • Screen writing
  • SEO Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Travel Writing
  • Website Writing
  • And Many More!

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam?

Writing Jobs Online is not a scam. Like any product in the world, it is not perfect or a solution to everything, nor does it claim to be. It promises you writing job leads, and that’s what it gives you. All in one place, carefully evaluated and selected for you. This saves you the time and energy of research that you can instead spend doing what you love – writing for fun and profit!

Online chatter

A lot of trolls online say this is a scam. Many pose as skeptics who are paid off by lower quality competition to lie – a dirty trick as old as the internet. They even shamelessly misquote and misrepresent this product – such as dissing the “Free Trial” when the official website says nothing of that sort. It clearly states “Trial” at just 1 dollar for the first week – it is not free, but near it! I would say, it takes quite a lot of confidence (and generosity) as a product creator to let people check it out like this. I ask you, how little is that – even including the subsequent just 27 bucks per month? Answer: if you gain even 1 idea or resource from this (because paying even a token amount makes you serious about doing it properly, making full use), what you earn will far over supersede many times over what you may pay.


All in all, for a few dollars, you buy yourself not only a consolidated, curated, and concise set of resources that put on the path of fortune, but also a token of accountability and seriousness that lower quality or cheaper directories out there just will not.

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Full Review of James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method


Falling in love with the right man is not the easiest thing to do for many of us. Even more difficult is to keep the spark, the flame of attraction, alive. Because love is an emotion, we really can’t control it to the tee – it is not entirely in our hands to evoke or let go of those feelings and attachments.

The worst part of being in a relationship is when it starts to die – or a sudden, unexpected breakup. Immediately after this phase can be one of our most painful times. We can get quite messed up in our heads, and can take some wild actions that we later regret. This is particularly true for us women who feel they have lost the love of their lives – the one soul-mate they were meant to be with.

The good news is that we now have a remarkable new solution to that age-old problem – how to get our love back into our lives – as fresh and exciting as the very first day:  I am happy to reveal to you James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method.


What is Relationship Rewrite Method (RRM)

RRM is a step-by-step guide that James Bauer designed specially for women of all ages. It has tips, techniques, ideas, and proven approaches to get back the love of their lives. These approaches are systematic and easy-to-follow along. With the help of this program, you increase the chance of bringing that ex-boyfriend of yours that you may so dearly miss back into your life, permanently. As good as this sounds, it is 100% true – it works!

This system helps you to focus on the pleasant memories of happy times and the love that you both shared while in the relationship. Often, some experiences that have disappointed us end up lingering in our heads much longer than they need to. Relationship Rewrite Method  helps us reset the balance of the good and bad feelings about our past, so that we can be in a much more ready, positive, and attractive state of being. With the help of this, we can expunge all our unnecessary sentiments away and out of our mind. This helps make your new relationship better and re-ignite the deep love that you both share. It provides the vital training that mends the wounds of our hearts.

One of the most powerful parts about this method is that it works even if your man is currently ignoring your calls and texts! The techniques taught in this program not only put you in control of recovering your relationship with your man, but also trigger emotional desires in him that will make him want to fight for the love you both once shared.

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Compliment Coaching

We all thrive on positive words that acknowledge and appreciate our best intentions and actions – especially by those we like. The “Compliment Coaching” section of this guide will teach you how to give your man compliments to make him feel good about himself. This in turn will make him happier with you, and start relying on you as his “power house” for all the great things he can accomplish in the world, and typically give a lot of rewards (and credit) back to you! Each of these compliments is based on extensive research and work on 99% of men. They are designed to stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain.


This program is priced at just $47 which is quite less in comparison to the other similar programs that are available out there.


And in addition to all the power dating techniques you receive from an expert relationship coach, you also get several bonus programs at absolutely no extra cost. They are:

  1. Why Men Shut Women Out
  2. The 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction
  3. Uncover His Deepest Desires with “Relationship Detective” Methods

Contents of the program

To say Relationship Rewrite Method is just a dating program would diminish its value. It is a complete relationship regime! To prove that, here are all the topics covered throughout the program, as well as the 6-method system you get.

  1. Introduction

    • Compounding Problems
    • How This Course is Designed
  2. The Movie Trailer Method

    • Why These Mini Mental Movies Matter So Much
    • Human Motivation
    • Your Mission, Should You Accept It
    • The Meaningful Moment Exercise
  3. The Power of Extended Time Horizons

    • Lucky People
  4. Heuristics: Why Compliments Work When Other Methods Fail

    • Pursuing Joy
    • Compliments
  5. Optional Techniques

    • The Humor Technique for Shared Emotional Release
    • The Shared Enemy or Goal Technique
    • The Disappearing, Reappearing Woman Technique
  6. An Idea is Like a Virus

The 6-step method to getting any man’s attention, even if he’s an ex, ignoring you wilfully, not noticing you enough, or is a complete stranger.

The Six Steps to Winning Back His Heart

Step One: Turn Him Around with the Power of Reciprocity
  • How to Get His Attention
  • When You Ended on Good Terms
  • We All Want to Matter
Step Two: Use Compliments to Open New Pathways of Communication and Gradually Shape His Behaviour
  • The Best That He Can Be
  • Start With This
  • The Five Goals
  • How to Control Behavior With Compliments
  • How to Make Compliments Sound Natural
  • My Secret Sauce
  • What If He Gets a Big Head?
Step Three: Use the Power of Story to Touch His Emotions
  • Method One
  • Method Two
Step Four: Ask Him For a Favor
  • A Simple Request
  • Hold His Gaze
Step Five: Stand at the Crossroads
  • He Should Never Feel Entitled to your Company
  • The Crossroads
  • A Curious Thing about Men and Freedom
  • Methods for Creating Scarcity
Step Six: Energy Transfer
  • Clearing Objections
  • Align Your Intentions
Already Decided?
Click here to download now at the official website. Risk-free!
Your purchase includes a 60-day full money-back GUARANTEE.

Who is this program ideal for

This program is perfectly suited for the ladies who are keen and eager to get their love back. If you are longing to have him in your life again then this is the knowledge that you should learn and apply. It works like a charm when there is genuine intention in you behind it.

Who is James Bauer, the man behind Relationship Rewrite Method

James Bauer is a dating and relationship coach and also the author of worldwide bestselling courses His Secret Obsession, Relationship Rewrite Method and What Men Secretly Want. His training has helped thousands of women across the world to improve their relationships and strengthen their marriages. James believes that being irresistible is about a special set of qualities that arise from emotions of joy, self-confidence, and a beauty of inner spirit that pulls at a man’s heartstrings. Being irresistible is what makes a woman truly attractive in every sense of the word. She never pretends to be anyone else – she is unique, and she embodies it.

What I really like about Relationship Rewrite Method

There are several benefits of using of James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method. The main advantages include:

  • Easy to follow: The program is designed in such a way that users will find it very simple and effective to apply. The guide is prepared in a step-by-step approach so that will help you to get your love back in your life.
  • Scientifically Proven to work: The main benefit and the purpose of using this program are that you can get the love of your life to be attracted to you, addicted even (in a romantic way), by following the methods that are mentioned in the program.
  • Instant access, multimedia, and portable: Unlike a traditional hardcopy book, Relationship Rewrite Method is designed in every way to reach and work its magic for you immediately, and everywhere you go – wherever, whenever!

Cons (What we might want different)

This program is that it is available only in digital format – for your computer or laptop, and mobile devices like iPhones and iPad. You cannot find this program in any old-school bookstore.

Another important aspect about this program is that it is not magic – even though some of James Bauer’s ideas may seem to work like in reality. Therefore, you need to be patient enough in order to achieve your desired results.

If these features are not big issues for you, then you can easily use this program for yourself.

Final opinion – Is it a scam?

Overall, the Relationship Rewrite Method is a great guide for women who want to do everything possible to get their men to stay loyal and interested for years to come. Unlike so many other relationship guides on the market, this one is based on actual science.

It has a lot to offer – tips & ideas on a vast majority of men. If you are looking for an easy but effective method of maintaining your relationship, this is a great resource to invest in.

“Fake it till you make it” is a myth, as it often backfires and makes us feel terrible. With Relationship Rewrite Method, you get to be who you are and get the man of your dreams simply by saying the right things that trigger his desire for you.

Add in the fact that the techniques provided work in Relationship Rewrite Method work on any man, and you’re set up on the right path towards finding true love. And you have two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

So sisters, with nothing to lose and all to gain, let’s find you some real love!

Click here to download James Bauer’s Relationship Rewrite Method (official website).
Risk-free because it includes a 60-day full refund GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied in any way.

Honest Review of 15 Minute Manifestation by Eddie Sergey

achieve 15 minute manifestation

I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction. This concept simply means: what we think about enough, and can envision deeply in our hearts with a feeling of love, often happens. Why? Because I have seen it manifest in my own life many times, and in countless other people I know – from close friends to famous celebrities – some of the most successful people on earth. So many have rags to riches stories. They get what they want in spite of the odds, and after everyone else either laughed at their dreams or told them it can’t be done.

Having said that, I have always felt that sufficient time is needed for all this to happen. “Grass can not grow in an instant” as the saying goes.

With that in mind, I was curious to look at what The 15-Minute Manifestation by Eddie Sergey was all about.

So now, let us get on with the review…

Already decided?
 If you want to save time reading, and want to try this program right now instead, then click here to download the latest copy from the official website in seconds.

What is 15-Minute Manifestation

Eddie Sergey is a mind coach and an expert in the Law of Attraction.

He has created a powerful audio tool that is designed to recondition our minds to drop-away and release our stupid self-defeating notions. These are unresourceful ideas we collect over years of living and listening to people we may like or trust – like our own parents, teachers, friends and neighbours. Scientists have proved that what you hear repeatedly – whether from outside or inside from within our own minds – has the power transform our destiny. 

The big advantage you will gain with 15 Minute Manifestation is that you will become a better and stronger person by just listening to these sound waves, without the need for yoga or meditation classes. These Theta waves go into our subconscious to “reset” a lot of weaknesses and fears we harbor, and freeus to achieve what we deserve – by unleashing some of the infinite divine power bestowed upon us. A proof of this is that you are reading this review right now.

Additionally, these Theta frequencies set the path of unlimited abundance. Although it sounds monumental but it is very simple.

All you have to do is to put on headphones to listen these theta waves for just 15 minutes a day. After 21 days you will start getting positive changes in your life.

The question may arise in you: Why should I wait for 21 days to see my desired changes?

The answer is in science. It takes about 3 weeks for our mind-body connections to adapt.

Eddie explains more about these Theta waves in the video below…

15-minute manifestation video

What you will get with 15-Minute Manifestation

The system consists of 3 main components:

  • A 12-page Jumpstart Guide to teach you how and when to use the tracks
  • 3 Main Audio Tracks + 1 Bonus Track
  • Manifestation Wizardry eBook
“What we tell ourselves is what we believe.” – Tony Robbins, Success Guru

The author has divided the audio into 3 tracks – each of which you listen for 15 minutes a day.

Track 1: “Your Natural State”. You listen to it for 7 days. In this time, Theta waves will touch your subconscious (some call it our “super-conscious”) and remove most self-limiting beliefs that get in the way of our joy. This includes the “Only hard work can get us anything” mentality, and replaces it with the ability to see the abundance of opportunities around us.

Track 2: “Your New Story“. This track helps your mind achieve, step-by-confident-step, what you aim in your life. After listening to track 1, old stories and ideas that stopped you previously will lose their strength and grip on your mind. You are already moving towards a more worthwhile destiny with ever-increasing momentum.

Track 3: “Moving Towards abundance“.  This track helps you reverse negativity of all kinds in our systems. It then provides us an opportunity to start savoring our “New Story” of prosperity and even sharing it with others we love and care for.

Free Bonus: “Deep Sleep Now”. 15 minutes of Delta frequency waves that reduce our anxiety, uncontrolled triggers and tensions, so that we can sleep soundly like a baby again.


After you buy the program, you get the tracks and a manual, you just listen to the tracks as your day goes by, while…

  • driving
  • cooking
  • taking a shower
  • before bed
  • queueing
  • relaxing

You don’t need to pay full attention, though best results come from being calm, relaxed, meditative, mindful and generally receptive. What’s more, the audios themselves will help you get into that state. And if you have a certain degree of spiritual development, you can then take even more benefit from these audios.

Pros (What I like about this product)

  • Connects directly to our subconscious mind.
  • Clears negative emotions. Improves our reaction to events and people that arise in our lives.
  • Helps us connect better with our feelings as well as our loved ones.
  • Does not take much time of the day, or effort & will power to start our transformation.
  • Proven to work by medical scientists.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • 0 risk, because of a generous 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way.
  • The bonus track: Deep Sleep Now

Cons (Any disadvantages of the 15 Minute Manifestation system?)

Surprisingly, none!

Usually, I would have said that any transformative product needs investment of signficant time and will power (determination, force) for the duration of the course. Or if it is made unnecessarily exhaustive with too much content than is needed for our purposes. Or if shipping it takes a long time, and it is available only in the old-school paper book format. All those can be considered negative qualities. But none of these limitations exist for this incredible offering!

Not much more we can ask for 🙂

Price (plus, Returns / Refunds)

$49 only!

With a generous 60-day full money back guarantee (they have increased this return period to 365 days for the next few days)

Instructions to get full access product immediately

  1. Click here to open the official website.
  2. A video page appears. You may watch the video for a few minutes, or try to close the page and click “Stay on page” in the confirmation pop-up window. At this point, the text version of the video page appears.
  3. At the bottom (as well as at several places in the middle), you will see a “Get Instant Access” graphic like the one below.Get Instant Access
  4. Click it and you will be taken straight to the order form. You can authorise it using various credit cards as well as Paypal!


I have to say, I am very pleased with my decision to buy 15 Minute Manifestation. It is short and effective. And cheap!

Is it a scam? Short answer: NO! It is easy for a person seeing the sales page for the first time to feel that way, but I can assure you… it is 100% legit. It works! What more can I say, the proof is in the pudding – try it for yourself, there’s 0 risk anyway. The decision to buy it is a no-brainer 🙂

Success, typically quite hard to achieve, is made a lot easier with the right kind of self-development programs. It is a sheer joy and refreshing breath of air when a program tells us something different from the “work harder” trope. I am so relieved to know that there is a hope and pathway to my golden destiny without unpleasant efforts that may not be aligned to my true nature – as Eddie Sergey says.

Lastly, this program works for people of all ages and walks of life – man or woman in your 20s or 70s! That is the greatest attribute because if our problems are universal, then the solutions are also universal.

My recommendation: Why wait? Go ahead and experience the magic for yourself!

“What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.”  – Norman Vincent Peale, American Minister.

Review of Power Efficiency Guide by Mark Edwards



Most of us are not happy seeing our utility bills every month. And at the end of the year, the amount can seem downright frustrating. It is money flying out of our pocket – cash that we want to spend on better things and fun times for us and our loved ones.

In that bill, electrical power usage counts for a big chunk. And not just because of the many electronic gadgets we have and love to use, but also because of greedy energy companies who want to keep upping the price per unit.

Thankfully, we now have the Power Efficiency Guide by Mark Edwards to help us cut this cost dramatically and reduce our stress too.

Mark Edwards, a geology teacher, developed The Power Efficiency Guide because he was motivated to not depend on his electricity company any more after frequently power cuts in his home. After years of experimenting, Mark was successful in creating a safe, renewable power plant in his own backyard. Now that he is sharing his secrets and findings to all of us, we can also cut our energy bill for good and save real cash every day.

Price: $49 – one time only!

Refund policy: 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days from purchase.

What is Power Efficiency Guide

Power Efficiency Guide is a comprehensive e-book that shows us step-by-step how to build our own sustainable power plants at home. This helps us save thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars every year on electricity bills.

The book gives us DIY (do it yourself) techniques, blueprints with pictures and a ready list of materials that helps us generate unimaginable amounts of power for pennies on the dollar. Not to forget, the sheer satisfaction of creating and owning your own powerplant. With this, you can run several appliances at home without the fear of power failures and shortages during natural disasters, snow storms, floods and typhoons.


What you will get from Power Efficiency Guide

  • This course will provide you step by step ideas, instructions, and blueprints to build your own power plant quickly.
  • This couse will give you lists of all the building materials needed along with where to get them at a reasonable price.
  • This course will help you generate massive amounts of electricity throughout the year and that way solve our energy shortage problems.
  • You will save thousands of dollars on utility bills every year that you can spend on your loved ones while also saving the planet.


Oh, but that’s not it.

When you purchase the program, you also receive four bonus programs at no extra charge to you. They are:

  • Bonus: Reducing Energy Waste
  • Bonus: Meyer Magnet Motor
  • Bonus: Power from Smith Generator
  • Bonus: Lighting History


Easy to understand. All the techniques, blueprints and instructions are explained in a common sense way using everyday language. This makes it simple to follow and implement in building our power plant.


You will need patience to follow each step given in the guide. Skipping steps will not help, and waste time in the future.

It is useful to be familiar with basic tools in a workshop – screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and hammers – so that the steps can be executed with confidence.


This course has helped at least 87,400 families to create their own source of power to run their domestic appliances – from fans and lights to washing machines and televisions. Since you are reading this, you too can be one of the fortunate few to benefit greatly – by simply placing your order for the Mark Edwards’ excellent book.

Get started now


Honest Opinion & Full Review of Internet Jetset by John Crestani

This is an honest review of Internet Jetset (also known as IM Jetset) by John Crestani, the famous online marketing guru.


John aims to help ordinary people start an profitable, sustainable online business from nothing – just like he did.

If I heard that anywhere else I’d run a mile – but John Crestani is the real deal.

If you haven’t already checked out his free webinar then I absolutely urge you to do so. And if you have already seen the page but you didn’t watch the webinar video all the way, then I urge you to go back watch it again, this time till the end.

You can get access to his webinar here.

Watch it carefully because John shares some golden hacks throughout the webinar. What I liked was his genuine openness and honest about what the course contains (and what it does not!).

The webinar is just about 2 hours & is free, so everything to gain with no risk.

For those of you who have already watched the webinar but are still not entirely sure whether or not you should join in, welcome to my review.

In this review I will attempt to gave you a thorough explanation about the program in depth. I will also help you decide for yourself whether or not IM Jetset can indeed help YOU… Before you part with a single dime.

Sound good? Cool – let’s get going…

First, take a look inside IM Jetset. Before we get started, here’s what this course is and what it isn’t.

Internet Jetset Is:

  • An internet marketing training course teaching several legitimate (ethical, white hat, and long-term sustainable) ways to make money online. John teaches us the key to FREE & relevant traffic generation – ensuring that vast numbers of “hungry buyers” i.e. high-quality, high-converting visitors who have both the ability AND willingness to pay.
  • A wonderful way (skills, knowledge, and attitude) to earn a living online, or just add to our current income.
  • Ideally suited for beginners, all the way to marketers with some experience.

Internet Jetset Is not:

  • A get-rich-quick scheme. Some time and patient input is needed. But the rewards are more than worth it.
  • A way to make 4-figures a day, every day, in just a few minutes – not initially at least.
  • Something we can master in a day. Having said that, even half-an-hour every day can go a very long way in use becoming a “natural”.

YES, “The Magic of Internet Marketing” really does works. All it takes is a little love, and keeping our eyes on the prize.

Click here to watch John Crestani’s video

Who am I, My story

I am just like you. I wish to live free. Life is more than struggling for petty dollars day in and day out with folks you may dislike, not to mention the timings, stress – deadlines, pressure, the boss, co-workers, clothes, commute, office space, and the work itself, random crises & urgent deliverables, lack of control over one’s own financial destiny, and shortfall of time with family and friends doing things we love, whenever, wherever we want.

Who is the author, his credibility

John Crestani is known for what he has accomplished at such a young age and from such humble beginnings to such heights so fast. As well as being a kind and generous soul in the form of a teacher / mentor to thousands of other people in his “tribe”.

He’s been invited to major media outlets for his thoughts – Forbes, Business Insider and Inc. magazine to name a few.

Your Investment

I am happy to say that IM Jetset is only $47 for the entire course which is about 8-10 hours long!

John’s flagship super affiliate course (and membership to his CPA network) runs into several thousands of dollars in cost.

IM Jetset Funnel

Front End: $47 is for the video training and resources. This recurs monthly for updates.

Upsell: $187 gives us access to a set of lengthy peek-behind-the-curtain case studies and interviews with some masterminds of making money online.

Downsell: $67 for limited access to the upsell mentioned above.

Upsell 2: $47 per month – webinars and updates. John is very good at sharing his thoughts through videos and live interactive webinars so there will be many of these. Webinars are recorded in case you miss them and left in your member’s area.

The good news is that one can cancel whenever we want, and if not entirely satisfied, we can request for a full refund within 60 days of initial purchase. The 100% money back guarantee is powered by Clickbank, based in Utah, USA.


  • Very comprehensive.
  • John is a great teacher. He saves us time by cutting out unnecessary BS / noise.
  • Instant access, right to your inbox.
  • Portable, carry and access wherever on your smart device.
  • 0-risk-free because of the iron clad 100% money back guarantee within initial full 60 days powered by ClickBank, the world’s largest platform of its kind, based right here in the USA.


  • This course only focuses on FREE traffic sources and training, unless you invest in the upsell which touches on some paid traffic methods. Free traffic is great because it has no risk, other than the extra time and work you will need to put in to get truly huge results.
  • No one-on-one training, but you won’t get that kind of personal attention anywhere else for $47. For similar results though, just join the forum.
  • John can get ‘academic’ sometimes – his explanations can seem ‘deep’ or complex. But as with any significant course, the way out is to watch some videos more than once times, and take notes. Once it ‘clicks’, its like magic.
  • Not for everyone, needs time and attention. Some love that fuels dedication to the art, craft, skill and science of online marketing – the attutude, the habits, the work flow, creativity and tenacity to victory.
  • It can seem rather long initially. Because, remember, it is not a quick fix instant cash in hand solution
  • What else… ah, not in published form.
  • Not free! But then, what in life worth it is?
  • John’s style can take a little getting used to.

Conclusion. Is it a SCAM?

I can emphatically say it is not. And because of the generous guarantee, it is risk-free! Making it a “no brainer” choice for you!