Your Lucky Color, According To Astrology

We humans are visual beings. Color affects our mood. If your star sign resonates with certain colors better than others, then shouldn’t you surround yourself with them? Definitely yes.

Fortunately, supported thousands of years of proof, Astrology gives us the hues and shades that can help transform our lives immediately.

Here is your lucky color, according to your astral sign:


Aries – Red 🟥
Aries people are fiery, passionate, and a bit stubborn. Your lucky color is red.
It doesn’t come as a surprise that a fire sign like yours thrives when surrounded by red – it’s the color of passion, courage, and excitement.
Plus, red is a great color when looking to stir up those creative juices or decorating your home.

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Taurus – Green 🟩
Taureans are grounded and trustworthy, with a good head on their shoulders when it comes to practical matters. Your lucky color is green.
Not only is it grounded in nature, but green also has a powerful live energy that helps Taureans feel revitalized. Not to mention, it’s also the color of wealth – something Taurus signs value highly. Embrace your inner Taurus by adding green plants to your home decor, or go for a lively green in your room.

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Gemini – Yellow 🟨
Gemini is the sign of twins, which means that people who fall under Gemini tend to have two sides of their personality – one talkative and full of life, and the other highly inquisitive and thoughtful. Your lucky color is yellow.
Yellow is bright (it’s the brightest color of the visible spectrum), cheerful, and energetic – much like a Gemini. It inspires original thought and happiness, and is the perfect suit for a Gemini personality.
Try incorporating more yellow touches in areas where you want to be inspired – like your home office – or places of welcome, like the front door.

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Cancer – Silver ⬜️
Cancerians are emotional and empathetic – they experience the world through feeling, and are always the first to lend a listening ear. Your lucky color is silver.
Cancers are ruled by the moon, so it makes sense that ethereal silvers are their lucky colors. Try updating your home with silver accents, or go with some grey metallic furniture to create a welcoming space.

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Leo – Orange 🟧
Leos are the stars of the show. They are charismatic and charming, with a magnetic pull to them. Your lucky color is orange.
There’s nothing more head-turning than the color orange, and the bold color is just what a Leo needs to feel at home. Go for burnt orange in a sofa or other home accents for a look that will both inspire and ground a Leo.

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Virgo – Brown 🟫
Virgos are perfectionists, and have incredible attention to detail and are master planners. They have a deep love of humanity, but can come off as reserved or critical before opening up. Your lucky color is brown.
Brown is a subtle hue – exactly like Virgo’s personality – but also the backbone of any good color scheme, and a go-to color in the design world.
Brown helps to ground Virgo’s overthinking mind, as well. Try grounding a room with rustic wood accents or a coffee table for a Virgo-approved look.

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Libra – Pink 💗
Libras love beauty, and strive to create something beautiful out of every part of their lives and always seeking balance. Your lucky color is pink.
A serene, pale pink adds just the right amount of calmness to a space. Try using the color in your home, or going for a great accent chair in the hue.

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Scorpio – Black ⬛️
Scorpios never truly say what they’re thinking – at least, not at first – and can come off quite mysterious. Your lucky color is black.
This intense shade (or absence of color) makes complete sense for Scorpio, who loves nothing more than to keep people guessing.
And black, while intense, can be used in countless ways when picking clothes, dressing up, or decorating your home.

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Sagittarius – Purple 🟪
Sagittarians are adventurous people, ready to blaze new trails and make new friends wherever they go. Your lucky color is purple.
Creative and clever, purple speaks out to the soul of a Sagittarian and will help them think outside of the box.
Try using plum and lavender shades in places where you want to work and create.

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Capricorn – Charcoal Grey 🌑
Capricorns are ambitious, with an innate sense of individuality that makes them fantastic workers and organizers. Your lucky color is charcoal grey.
Charcoal grey, while neutral, is a strong and practical statement – just like the Capricorn sign.
Try using the shade to create a cozy resting space, or as a statement-making shade for a dining room.

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Aquarius – Blue 🟦
Aquarians are almost like the extraterrestrials of the zodiac – they’re ahead of their time, and think wonderfully out of the box. Your lucky color is blue.
As a water bearer, Aquarians bring knowledge to the world, and blue helps calm and center them as their thoughts spiral into a million directions.
Try using blue in the bedroom as a calming shade.

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Pisces – Aquamarine 🐟
Pisceans are highly imaginative, with a penchant for arts and romance. As a water sign, they feel a lot – and express those feelings beautifully as well. Your lucky color is aquamarine.
Pisces – the symbol of the fish – thrive when surrounded by the colors of the ocean, which helps them restore their energy. Try using it in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

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Honest review of Heather Matthews’ Manifestation Miracle – Is it a scam?

We all need a little help sometimes navigating through life. After all, we live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. But of course, this presents opportunities for those who know the game – innately or through knowledge passed down from a source.

In the niches of self-help, personal development, desire fulfillment and goal achievement, the fact is that there are hundreds of books, audios, live courses, and online products out there. Some are great, many are not. This could very well be because some suit our unique needs and style better than others!

So what about this new and improved version of Manifestation Miracle – does it work? is it scam? is it worth the price and our time? In this post, I shall try to share my best & honest insights about it with you. Does that sound good? If yes, let’s proceed 🙂

Heather Matthews' Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle is a product created by Heather Matthews and Mark Ling.

It is a comprehensive personal development product for utilizing the law of attraction and achieving greater wealth, health and happiness.

Manifestation Miracle. Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • The Manifestation Miracle E-Book. 159 Pages of evergreen advice which promises to deliver the results you want in life, sustainably. This book consists of 20 chapters, each with a step-by-step approach on how we can achieve anything we want in our lives – as long as we can imagine it. These chapters are a practical manual that we want to imbibe as habits. Relevant psychological tools and hacks are explained.The e-book has five parts: Part 1 – The role of destiny in our success. Part 2 – getting us in tune with our personal destiny. Part 3 – using energy vibrations and affirmations for attraction. Part 4 – finding reasons to rejoice, thus seeing the immense value of what we already have. And Part 5 – The miracle starts here with the right action plan.
  • A complete audio Version of the book
  • Powerful videos for each chapter featuring Mark Ling and Brooke Ryan
  • The Abundant Wealth BONUS (Probably the most valuable resource form the entire package!)
  • Powerful Mind Tracks for Wealth, Happiness and Health (Consisted of the best affirmations combined with brainwave entrainment technology for stimulating and influencing your subconscious mind by altering your limiting beliefs)
  • More Bonuses for achieving greater wealth, greater happiness and greater health

The bonuses include a 21-day-workbook that you can use to track your progress and habits.

They also include Love and Happiness Super Mind Track, and The Money Mind-flood System.

You’ll also receive some additional small books on healthy eating habits and fitness.

So you receive quite a lot in the package. It’s not limited to one book, there are quite a few books and other materials included in the deal.

What’s in the package i.e our investment and what we receive

You can choose to obtain the Digital or the Physical Package.

The Digital Package instant access online to the full Manifestation Miracle Program and all applicable bonuses for $47 – over 75% discount versus the Physical Package. That is the cost of a small meal or a few drinks to transform your life forever.

The Digital Package online access to everything that is in the Physical Package, including

  • The Manifestation Miracle Manual eBook,
  • “I’m Worthy Of Abundance” Success Workbook,
  • Manifestation Miracle Audio Edition,
  • Manifestation Miracle Chapter Recap Videos and
  • The Abundant Wealth Super Mindtrack.

We also receive online access to the 3 high quality bonuses

  • The Love and Happiness Super MindTrack
  • Unlimited Success Mindtrack Series and
  • The exclusive Money Mindflood System.

The Physical Package is priced at $199.95. It is shipped out to you within 24 hours, and you receive it within 14 days. We will also receive immediate access to the full program online.

Manifestation Miracle contents page 1

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Who is Heather Matthews, the author?

Manifestation Miracle is created by Heather Matthews. She is a life consultant, an energy flow coach, and an expert in the laws of attracting abundance in our lives.

Mark Ling, a successful entrepreneur, is the co-author. He brings in the “yang” element – the practical approaches and nuances to setting and achieving goals in the real world – fast. His is a rags-to-riches story. Growing up poor in Australia only increased his determination and “fire in the belly” to give his children what he did not have.

What is Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It helps us harness the power of our mind to translate what is in our deep desires and manifest them into reality. After all, every thought has the power to transform.

With that said, it is therefore obvious that the quality of our thoughts – what we allow to linger in our brains – is what will be the direction of our existence. If that is doom and gloom, we remain under dark clouds. If we are hopeful in any way, and find a way to be happy, positive or optimistic in the opportunities ahead and around us, then our bodies will almost magically move to massive action in that direction of achieving goals.

What is Destiny Tuning?

People new Manifestation Miracle may not heard about destiny tuning before.  This is a critical concept – awareness of it can make or break your chances of success. It is the missing ingredient that opens doors to opportunities you had never realised before.

Destiny Tuning is the process of adapting what is inside us, and around us – our whole truth – to match our deepest urges and visions of our future.  Some of the biggest stars of our day – like Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, and LeBron James have this one thing in common. They are masters at fine tuning various elements of their lives, day to day, to their personal destiny.

What sets them apart from other celebrities is that their rise to power is sustainable. It is based on their purpose and intentions, rather than fluke or lucky coincidence. Which is why it is long-term, something that they can rely on comfortably.

The key message is that success in life occurs naturally, is when you are in tune i.e. alignment and harmony. Then our dreams will also synchronize with the entire universe – past, present and future.

All this may sound very intriguing to you, which is why, I recommend you watch this video by Heather Matthews to start learning more about it.

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How Soon Will I See Results?

Some people see start seeing results within a few short days. Others take longer. The biggest factors are their individual needs and what they are trying to manifest. Those who tend to get quicker results tend to be members who cultivate a mindset of gratitude. They put what they learn into action. The seize, with a full heart, opportunities that are all around us. Many members report that they see significant positive results in their lives within a month or so of joining.

Pros (What I really like about it, advantages, benefits, gains, good points):

There are just so many!

  • The course is designed to be vital for, and help, everyone – regardless of where you are in your life today. After all, it is not where we came from, but rather where we are going that counts.

  • It is the look and feel of a professionally crafted course. The standards of quality in just about every aspect inspires confidence in us. This compares favorably to a lot of other digital courses, which typically have an amateur level of production value, however useful their content may be.
  • Builds a solid foundation first.
  • An engaging 21-day workbook that helps us stay on track while making winning a habit.
  • The chapter recap videos.
  • Value for money.
  • Proven techniques.
  • Only small changes are needed for our significant transformation.
  • Enjoyable read. Pleasant writing style and flow.
  • Highly inspirational.
  • Lots of stories that appeal to our greater selves to shine. Spurs the right kind of action.
  • Easily understandable. Common words and short sentences simplifying previously complex concepts.
  • Simple to follow & apply. Practical.
  • Concise, hard-hitting, brief, terse, pure, filler-free, true, to-the-point, intense, concentrated
  • Comprehensive and Thorough.
  • Awareness of our Negative Habits.
  • Helps you find your true purpose in life.
  • Understand and Develop Your Intuition.
  • Understand and Develop your FLOW.
  • Manifestation Miracle is different!
  • Digital, hence portable on all devices. Handy everywhere when we have the time.
  • Instant and complete access to entire course.
  • Physical Package available!
  • 60-day money back guarantee. So it is a risk-free deal, in case we are not satisfied in any way after two full months of using it fully.


  • Time and commitment to action is needed.
  • Unnecessary Upsell:The Amazing Self Program is offered at $37 per month. The first month is free. That is fine if you value a regular inflow of fresh ideas – and if you resonate with the authors themselves.
  • Some ideas are repeated as a reminder or reference to context.
  • Some parts – mainly exercises – are different in audiobook vs ebook.

Finally, if I want to split hair: Some “unpolished” presentation delivery in initial videos. Because Mark Ling and Heather Matthews are not professional public speakers full-time, they appear to be a little “rusty” before they find their groove and smoothly start flowing through the ideas they wish to share.

Should You Get This Product?

Because we are presenting both pros and cons in this review, some of our readers may be confused. We know that just because we believe in this product, since it worked beautifully for us, it does not mean it would work the same way for everyone. It all depends on each individual’s unique circumstances. So check out which category you fall into, and this will make your decision much easier.

This is for you if…

  • You are willing to allocate about an hour a week (20 minutes on most days).
  • You understand the universal principle af attraction.
  • You have dreams, goals, and hope.
  • You are open-minded to possibilities. Success, after all, is happening all the time.

This is Not for you if…

  • You do not see life as dynamic and ever-changing.
  • You are not willing to take charge of the day, and your life
  • You believe nothing is your control.
  • You are completely contented with all that you have right now – for life.
  • You can’t spare 15 minutes a day
  • You want instant results.
  • You’re not willing to put in any effort at all – for something worth it.
  • You do not believe in finishing what you start – at least reaching the initial milestones.

Manifestation Miracle summary

Conclusion, Final Word Recommendation:

Does Manifestation Miracle really work?

Yes it does. It is legit, because the claims match the result. This is, of course, if you invest yourself into the process as required. You get what you pay for, and a lot more.

To summarize, “Is Manifestation Miracle a Scam?” the answer to that question is: No, not at all!

But if you assume, after reading the book just once, that you a “Magic Kingdom” will open its doors and shower wealth on you immediately, you would be way off.

Nothing in life works like that.

On the other hand, if you CHOOSE to be rational, intelligent, and open-mind, then you’re in luck: You will find lots of valuable information in Manifestation Miracle that will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

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Review of Ric & Liz Thompson’s Cosmic Energy Profile – Is it a Scam?

Every person on the planet is unique – the way we look, think, feel and act. Yet, we are also surprisingly similar in a number of ways – we all have so many things in common. For one, we all seek our own version of happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction. We want to avoid pain, misery and mistakes – made by us or those around us. We wish to be in control of destiny – for the betterment of all, starting with ourselves. We seek love and understanding, and are very lucky if we find those easily enough.

What Is Cosmic Energy Profile?

Cosmic Energy Profile is based on an ancient calendar.

Every day, week, and month have their own energy profile. These energies interact with the world around us day in and day out.

Our Cosmic Energy profile holds the key to unlocking our potential.

Based on Mayan science going back thousands of years, our cosmic energy signature was created on the day we were born. This is an imprint on the universe itself, like a ripple in a lake that moves grains of sand on the shore.

Our profile includes all the components of our galactic signature, as well clues it has to the future ahead.

By becoming aware of it, we get prepared for the day with insight into the tone of our energy, our galactic symbol, color, and Day Sign.

These elements affect our intentions, desires, power and impediments each day. Combined with an in-depth analysis of our cosmic destiny; this is a vital tool – an asset – to realize our true destiny and the life we want.

Click here to download, get access to your own Cosmic Energy Profile instantly at the official website. Risk-free.

cosmic energy profile

Features, Benefits, and Advantages of Cosmic Energy Profile

To understand how the Cosmic Energy profile works, it is a good idea to look at each of the features of the profile and how they benefit our daily life. Here they are:

Free Energy Profile

By visiting the website, you get instant access to a free energy profile. All you need to do is enter your name, email, and exact birth date.  You then receive information about your Galactic Signature, the color associated with your signature, your cosmic tone, and your day sign.

What is Galactic Signature: Galactic Signature represents both our inner and outer facets with respect to the world around us. Remember, there is a universe both outside our skin, and inside it. There are 260 possible Galactic Signatures (the 20 Days Signs multiplied by the 13 Galactic Tones) which means less than 1 in 250 of the world’s population has the same Galactic Signature as you!

These details are just the beginnings of understanding your cosmic energy. They are a crucial starting point where you can immediately get a glimpse into how your energy interacts with the universe on a high level.

Knowing how the flow will impact your strengths and daily challenges, and receiving helpful tips like meditation prompts gives you on-the-spot action items to start your journey.

Personal Destiny Chart

In your personal destiny chart, you’ll dive deep into five personalized and life-changing areas. They are your:

  • Guide Kin – Your most influential sign that reflects your higher self. It represents not only your individual karma but that of your family and ancestors and will play a significant role in your life decisions.
  • Occult Kin – This helps us unlock your hidden “superpower” and align it with our “why”. The reasons why we are on this planet are outlined here. You will notice some truly magical transformations which starts to happen as everything better.
  • Destiny Kin – There are symbols which you will find in the destiny charts that are integrated with your life. If you pay attention, you will find that there is more to it than just destiny. You will have a deeper and richer understanding of everything that has is and has been going on around you.
  • Antipode Kin – Antipode means “diametrically opposite”. This largely reflects on the men and how they influence the life of a woman. The masculine energy is the unleashed power which is in every human. It propelled us to succeed against challenges to get done all that we need to do.They are the elements that give you the drive that will inspire fame and achievement. Thus, you will find your way to the pinnacle and prime of life. This masculine energy will not only help you understand the men in your life, but it’s also a source of strength. When properly integrated, we find the flow in the universe rather than feeling like we are always fighting against it.
  • Analog Kin – The analog kin is the feminine power within in us that is the opposite and complement of the antipode kin. It gives us all that we need to know about achieving our greatest desires while being true to the very best aspects of our feminine nature. Understanding this supportive feminine power from the universe will uncover your true character, and helps us realize our best selves.


Click here to download, get access to your own Cosmic Energy Profile instantly at the official website. Risk-free.

Full Cosmic Energy Profile

The full cosmic profile will give you a deep dive look into your life and the way it is supposed to fit in the universe.

Your Full Cosmic Energy Profile includes your complete Destiny Chart. This helps you gain a profound understanding of your true self.

Having the complete profile of your quantum self, the details about your support sign & your strengthening sign, and the symbol of your hidden power are the launch pad to start transforming your divine destiny.

The beauty of this product is that they make it very simple to apply, as easy as ABC, to start transforming your life immediately

The crucial element of the full profile is meaning translated into real-world action steps that you can apply to your daily life. This can give us surprisingly quick results and a massive sense of satisfaction.

Daily Cosmic Energy Reading

The Daily Cosmic Energy Reading is the icing on the cake. While your energy is more or less constant, the power of the universe ebbs and flows significantly every day. Once a week on Sundays, a reading for each of the next 7 days is delivered via email. This has a pertinent overview of what you can expect for the coming week.

Enlightened with this knowledge, we become prepared for what is going to arise before us. “Forewarned is forearmed”. We can now align our intention and momentum to flow just right with each moment – thus manifesting our highest potential. This helps us destroy the fear in us that the whole world being against us. After all, often fear is F.E.A.R. or false evidence appearing real. Instead, we are empowered to use the currents and tides beforehand to make our success effortless.

Who are the creators – Ric & Liz Thompson


The content, in part, has been inspired by it but largely has been put together over the last 15 years of personal research and travel by Ric and Liz Thompson. The late Jose Arguelles and his Foundation For Time played a vital role in creating the Dreamspell system that was the basis for the date and sign calculations.

Who Should Not Buy Cosmic Energy Profile

As with anything under the sun, it is not for everyone all the time.

With regards to wanting to understand the connection of our astral energies with our present and future, only a lucky set of people in the world are ready and hungry enough. This set perhaps including you because you are reading this! They need to be prepared to learn some hard truths about one’s self.

If you are currently not open to accept change (even if for the better) then this might not be the right time for you.

Before you buy your profile ask yourself:

  • Am I ready to achieve happiness and success beyond my wildest dreams?
  • Do I want to know the truth about where my energy belongs in the universe?
  • Am I prepared to have good things come to me easily?
  • Is the time right to effortlessly attract the people, energy, happiness, and opportunities that I long for?
  • Do I want to feel fulfilled with my life, at the end of every day.Only if you have answered yes for to any of the questions above, is Cosmic Energy Profile is right for you.


Usually at $47 (which is already very reasonable), the current promotion cost is just 7 bucks! Includes FREE 7-day trial membership of the Daily Energy Readings to continue at the discounted $19.97 per month(which you may cancel at any time – and keep your Full Personal Cosmic Destiny Chart!)

Final Verdict & Recommendation

So I am sure you are thinking, is Cosmic Energy Profile a scam? Well, the short answer is – “no”. This is a legitimate product, made with a great deal of research and care behind it. It works as intended and articulated in the program itself. They do not make claims like – “Perfect solution for everyone”, because nothing in life really is. And what’s more, if you wish to see whether it is a right fit for your life and goals right now – free of any risk of loss, and with all to gain, you can!

Click here to get instant access your own Cosmic Energy Profile at the official website today. Risk-free!